Wednesday, May 13, 2009


What in God's name is wrong with this guy?

Is it impossible for him to accept that Miss California won her crown fairly and by most accounts lost the title Miss USA unfairly.
Even with evidence of Photoshop pictures on the web, he just cannot let go.
The supposedly racy photos that are appearing at areas websites are actually less revealing than the bikini shots taken at the contest. Just because you work at MSNBC, should not mean that you become completely biased towards the left. Maybe it's inevitable, as working with Keith Olbermann must surely bring about irreparable brain damage.
What is most funny is that 79% of the those reading your story Mike agree that Trump made the right decision.
Just because Mr. Celzic either hates women or is so frustrated that he spent his entire life without once dating someone who other people might find attractive, is no excuse to keep piling on an already dead issue.
Hey Mike... can you name the individual who won the contest.
I'll give you a hint, she came from North Carolina.
She wouldn't want anything to do with you either.
Normally I would say... stick with sports, since that is your supposed specialty, but you can't write a decent sports article either.


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